Steroben Associates

Steroben Associates was formed as a company years ago consisting of the three Sedwick brothers, Steve, Rod andBenny Sedwick, hence the name of Steroben. Steroben Associates own many types of rental properties consisting of residential, commercial/retail, storage facility and commercial/warehouse space as well as a building supply company and a distributorship of plumbing, electrical, heating and air. Here are some of the commercial/retail and warehouse currently owned by Steroben Associates serving the community ofOrangeCounty.

 Auto Traders-  105 Byrd St. 4,800 Sq. ft.
R&J Slots consist of several spaces  249 Blue Ridge Dr. total sq.ft. is 45,750
PoliceDepartment-2,700 sq.ft.
Basement- 9,400 sq.ft.
Warehouse space in back- 26,600 sq.ft.- available for lease.
Misc areas- 7,050 sq.ft.
Gypsy Willow –  212 Byrd St. 1,522 sq.ft.
Clark MFG. –   229 Warren St. 3,515 sq.ft.
Old Blue Bell Building –  315 Waugh Blvd. 57,000 sq. ft.
Spec Building- 13160 James Madison Hwy 23,000 available for lease
Kenfair Building-13164 James Madison Hwy 19,200 sq.ft. available for lease
RRSCB-13286 James Madison Hwy 13,000 sq. ft.
Farm Credit-13284 James Madison Hwy-1,730 sq.ft.
The Weaver Building-252 Blue Ridge Dr.5,000 sq.ft.